Photography- Keeping A Record In Time

Since the beginning of man, it has been in our blood to keep record and tell stories. From cave paintings and engravings in the Great Pyramids, to our modern day history books with images in them, we have been compelled to story tell our lineage.

When you were little perhaps your parents opened up their box of photos of when they were your age, or someone at some point in time has done something similar for you. Anyway, when you go through these photos, sometimes you'll find messages and dates written on the back or the person you're sitting with may describe the photo to you. The image that goes with the tale gives us another dimension of depth and insight on what life was like before we stepped foot on Earth. It is a way to understand and respect your roots and it is a way to not be forgotten- all of your accomplishments and cherishing moments after you leave.

It is important that we keep records, not only in words, but in visuals so that we can see where we have been and follow our past footsteps if they were good, or as a reminder not to fall back into our same routine if our past isn't so satisfying. Photography can show us progress, it can bring back memories and familiar smiles. It can pay respects to those who deserve it. If we were to stop recording our history, what would become of mankind? Over time, we would grow farther from our origins and forget the things that make us human- and advanced living organism with a broad spectrum of emotions, morals and values. Our identity without our record keeping, would be gone.

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