What is minimalism? In my words, it is an organizational method that creates a peaceful environment. I have learned that not having a closet stuffed with clothes or a drawer filled with trinkets is more calming to me than trying to impress people with the things that I have collected.

In the past, I have felt a little uneasy and often times would find myself not being able to concentrate on tasks. I was wasting more time than necessary just trying to gather my thoughts and figure out what I needed to do next. At this time, I had tons upon tons of clothes- mostly shirts. Not only did I have lots of clothes, I had a collection of just stuff that I held onto. Was I a hoarder? No, or not to the degree that you see on TV. I would try to justify keeping all of these belongings with "well I could use this for something, or wear that somewhere." and more times than not, it didn't happen.

A year or two ago I decided that I would try something out. I looked around at all of my things and wondered that if the reason for my distraction was simply because I had more than I needed and nowhere to put it all neatly. With that, I started with the clothes- things that, even though I liked, I knew someone else could appreciate it more. So little by little I would donate my clothes and eventually it had a snowball effect where I would sometimes donate 20 or so items at a time.

Alongside clothes were toys, trinkets and everything of the such. If you know me well, I'm a huge nerd and will probably always have a special place in my heart for cartoons, anime, video games, and all of the merchandise that comes with it (cards, figures, props and so on). Getting rid of a nerd collection is a pretty difficult thing to do, but I kept in mind why I was doing it- to help me clear my mind and move forward with bigger things.

Today, my closet has hardly anything in it. I have my summer/spring clothes hanging while my fall/winter clothes are boxed up, then switch it out depending on the season we're in. Either way, my closet still looks minimal and I have a spot for everything with no lack of space. My nerd collection, I will always keep a few things to look back on simply because I still hold those interests but I don't have nearly as much of it as I once did. I don't feel overwhelmed like I once did and with that I have found that minimalism is changing a lot of aspects in my life- my creativity, time management, willingness to focus on personal projects and also school.

Our society pushes consumerism on us every single second of our lives, but we don't need to constantly be spending on the next best thing. Having a few functional outfits, some stuff to entertain ourselves, and your workspace/equipment is really all you need for the most part. Living this way saves money, reduces waste, and helps others out when you decide to donate what you no longer need.

Less is more. Less is happy.

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