Happiness isn't a destination. It is a mindset.

Every morning you wake up at 5, 6, 7, 8 o'clock, roll out of bed, shower, brush your teeth and start your day wherever that may take you. From there, until you fall asleep, you have two choices: be happy and live your day to the fullest or don't. You can dwell on the things you don't have and won't have, or you can be happy in the here and now for the things that you do have.

Happiness is never too far away, as it is often found inside of you. For example: you had an argument with your best friend, but on the positive side it is never too late to reach out and try to make up with them. Or perhaps you had a someone close (pets included) pass away, while that may be an awful life event, you still have many great memories and or photos with them that you can hold onto for an eternity, and that I hope will be enough to help you keep moving forward in your journey.

All things in perspective. Even on the worst of your days, you can still choose to pick out the good parts of it. We don't need a whole lot to realize that happiness can be found anywhere. We don't need the best of everything every day, but rather just enough to keep up from sinking. Fresh air and quiet time, to me, are more valuable to happiness than anything material. And with that fresh air and quietness, it does not have to be on a beautiful beach or a mountain top, it can be as simple as your front porch or public bench at the park. Because each one of us is different, we have the freedom to define what happiness is.

So, go find your happiness. It is never too far away.

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