Acadia National Park

Back in 2015 I went to go visit a buddy of mine in Bar Harbor, Maine. After a long, but scenic 8 hour drive, the first thing I did was stop into his restaurant where he served me his (fresh caught) fish tacos with blueberry hot sauce- already off to a great start of the vacation. Once he got out of work, we headed straight to the best local spots for (more) food and drinks. He also introduced me to "the late night window" at a bar, where they serve all sorts of garbage plate-styled food until about 3am or so. For the next week that I'd be there, I can't say that I had a meal that was less than a 5/5- the sea salt caramel ice cream was, to me, the highlight of my food experience.

What I was really there for, besides to visit my friend (We will call him Mikey), was Acadia National Park. I was fortunate to be able to go on many vacations with my family, but often they weren't very adventurous and I didn't feel a sense of reward or accomplishment. So, I took it upon myself to go do what I felt would make up for that. Although a week wasn't enough time for us to cover the entire park, we for sure set our footsteps across a large amount of the place. We explored an ocean cave (Anemone Cave) and the crystal clear tide pools inside of it, even found some little bioluminescent plants while there. Not far from the cave was Sand Beach. But before I go into Sand Beach, let me explain Mikey a bit. Mikey is the kind of dude that is here for a good time, not a long time. Energetic, outgoing, and truly takes every opportunity that life throws at him. So with that said, he encouraged us to rush into the water and not to think twice before we jump in- IT WAS FREEZING. Who would have thought that the water at the beach would be this cold in August? Well, that is Maine for you I guess. But you know what? That water felt good after getting used to it for a few minutes. Salty and cold, it was a good reminder to live a little and take things for what they're worth- the moment and the memories to come afterword.

So we explored the cave, froze our faces off in the ocean, but there was more to that. Next, we needed to see the surrounding area from above. Since helicopter and plane tours are probably super expensive there, our next option was to hike some mountains. Mikey isn't really an athletic dude, he doesn't hike and he certainly doesn't climb mountains. But what Mikey DOES do is drink craft beer- and a lot of it. So I tossed a few beers in my backpack and said lets go. We scaled our way up Champlain Mountain and while I was looking for the challenge, Mikey was really just looking for the beer. The trail we took was called Precipice, a very steep cliff path with narrow walkways and metal rungs to climb here and there. Yes, it is dangerous if you aren't paying attention- but I have seen a number of children climb it with their parents, so it isn't an impossible climb or anything.

It was clear out that day, that is, until about 30 feet from the summit. Clouds had rolled in, not storm clouds or anything, just clouds. So while we didn't get a great view of the park and Bar Harbor, we did still open that beer. Actually, we opened it with other people that were up there. There had been a group of 3 or 4 people who were only feet ahead of us to the summit and they looked pretty exhausted as well. So as a friendly gesture to celebrate the hike, we invited them over to hang with our group. Turns out, the group we invited to hang didn't really know each other all too well, but rather they were sort of the free spirit/nomadic type. They all met during their adventures, and then go different ways after a few months. Anyway, it was fascinating to learn about their lifestyle.

There were lots of things we had seen and a lot of people we had met, but there isn't nearly enough time right in this moment to recall every specific piece. So I will leave this here and perhaps go into more detail another day. It was a great experience and although I did get photos with my phone and a few with my dslr camera, I do wish that I was serious about photography at the time. But perhaps I will have to go back soon to capture the beautiful scenery now that I am more knowledgeable in photography.

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